Scaffolding Reigate

Scaffolding Reigate

It’s common to need to call on the services of a Reigate scaffolding company when you’re having building works carried out or are working on a construction site. There are a number of scaffolding companies serving home owners, builders and construction sites in the Reigate area, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find contact details. You can search the web for “Scaffolding Reigate” or look in the telephone directory.

However, while it’s easy to find a Reigate scaffolding company, it can be more difficult to work out if a firm is up to the job. Your ideal Reigate scaffolding firm should be experienced, have skilled and qualified staff, and be able to show you that they’re capable of working safely.

Check if your Reigate scaffolding firm has CISRS
Fortunately, you can quickly and easily check if your Reigate scaffolder has the necessary credentials. This is because all reputable and skilled scaffolders should hold a Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS) card. Any Reigate scaffolding contractor who holds a CISRS will be formally trained and accepted as being competent in the erection, dismantling and alteration of scaffolding. If a scaffolding contractor doesn’t have this card, don’t engage them to carry out work for you.

Check the cards
Ask to see your Reigate scaffolding contractor’s CISRS card. If you’ve got any doubts about whether it’s genuine, you can call the CISRS to check whether they’re registered – call the CISRS helpline on 0870 417 7223. A few minutes spent to do this can help ensure you employ the right Reigate scaffolding firm.

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