Scaffolding Chelsea

Scaffolding Chelsea

If you’re having minor building or refurbishment work carried out to your Chelsea home, this may involve working at height. For example, fixing or repointing a chimney, painting the exterior of your home, or having work done on your roof. If so, you might be wondering whether it’s necessary for you to go to the costs of having scaffolding installed, or whether your contractors could just use ladders.

While ladders might seem like a cheaper and quicker option, they can prove to be a false economy. A good Chelsea scaffolding firm will be able to explain the benefits of using scaffolding to you, but you should consider the following points:

  • quicker work: while erecting scaffolding might take a little time, using the services of a good Chelsea scaffolding company can be beneficial over the course of your project, because it provides a larger and more stable area to work from. This can actually mean your tradespeople can carry out their work more quickly than they would by balancing on the step of a ladder.
  • more efficient use of manpower: when contractors use ladders, this normally means they need more people because the ladders need holding in place. However, with Chelsea scaffolding, the extra pair of hands won’t be needed – or can be used to finish the job more quickly.
  • a safer option: scaffolding has a more stable base and sits flush to the floor, meaning it doesn’t have the inherent instability that ladders do. This means that using a Chelsea scaffolding firm can help you minimise health and safety risks on site.

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