Scaffolding Battersea

Scaffolding Battersea

No matter how much we work to minimise danger, any building or construction project will carry some inherent risks. One way to mitigate some of these risks is to correctly install, erect and use scaffolding on your Battersea building or construction site. This means you need to choose your Battersea scaffolding firm carefully.

The best way to ensure your scaffolding is safe, is to use the services of a professional Battersea scaffolding firm. They will use a ‘competent person’ to erect, inspect and make any changes to your scaffolding.

If you fail to choose a professional and qualified Battersea scaffolding company, here are some of the risks you could run:

  • people falling from height
  • unsafe scaffolding structures that could collapse or fall
  • people injuring themselves on the ends of scaffold poles or low parts of the structure
  • bad weather leading to slips, trips and falls.
  • debris falling from height onto the street below, where people may be walking.

Of course, even if you engage a professional and reputable Battersea scaffolding firm, you’ll never be able to entirely eliminate all risk on your construction site. However, by choosing qualified and skilled professionals, you’ll help ensure your site is a safe place to work and pass by.

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